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Day and night window blinds are a double bracket roller blind allowing you to have both a full blockout blind and a sunscreen blind on one window. The Day & Night blinds merges features of a traditional roller blind with the benefits of a venetian, giving you more control of the light and privacy in your home. All hours of the day, all seasons of the year, there are myriad benefits of day and night blinds, also called ‘Sun-up/Sun-down shades’ or dual blinds. These reasons added to the fact that it gives the home a unique touch of class has made people fascinated enough to seek out and purchase day and night window blinds.
  • As the term suggests, this blinds provide comfort both day and night. This is an innovative idea for window attire, perfect for shading and conserving privacy.
  • If you like soft light during day time you just have to roll the glide down and it’s all set to give you that mild look while the double bracket can be used to create a complete block-out at night.
  • Popularly known as ‘dual blinds,’ it comes with two sheds- sunscreen and complete block-out blind. You can drop sunscreen to prevent scorching heat coming while the block-out shield allows you enjoy complete privacy and congenial temperature in those hotter months of year by insulating the window.
  • This design is being considered as one of the popular picks for ultimate shading solution in Nigeria considering how hot our climate is. Installing day and night blinds is an amazing option to control lights you want to have in your room.
The different types of Day/Night window blind fabrics and their functions are as following:
Light Filtering: Gently diffuses incoming light to provide a degree of light control and moderate privacy. These materials are translucent, and their colours may be influenced by changing light conditions. Colours may appear to vary depending upon the time of day and type of lighting, as well as whether the shade is partially or fully lowered.
Sheer: Sheer fabrics allow light to enter the room where light control is not necessary and are popular with customers for whom privacy is not a concern. A view of the objects in the room is possible, though muted through the shades.
Room Darkening: Significantly dims light entering the room, with deeper fabric colours offering more light control and moderate privacy. Like light filtering shades, the colours of these shades vary as well.
Blackout: Blocks all light from entering the room creating a blackout effect even in broad daylight. All fabric colours, including white, provide maximum light control and complete privacy.
Day and night blinds are simple to install and convenient to use in comparison. Besides the budget, there are many other aspects of the building, décor and customer preferences that will eventually lead to the final purchase. From bright colours to neutral tones as from fashionable patterns to renewed classical designs, the Day & Night blinds consist of a comprehensive collection which suits every interior. There are lots of colours of both the fabrics and the headrails to choose from and your blinds can be made to any size in our dedicated factory.